Adult Beginners Program

“I have been training Jiu Jitsu for nearly 8 months. For the past three, I have been in Tennessee for school and all the while, have continued to train at RMA. My school program is wrapping up and it’s coming time for me to move back home… even though my time training Jiu Jitsu accounts for less than half of my training so far, I know that I will never forget these three months!
I feel that I have come a long way as a white belt during my stay in Tennessee. The instruction is top notch and questions are always welcome. 

Joe Keith

“Joining this academy was one of my better decisions. I had never done any kind of martial arts training and my primary goal was to get in shape. I’ve been going 3 to 4x a week for a month….so far…I’ve lost 10lbs, have increased flexibility, increased strength, increased self confidence, and greatly improved cardio. I’m also learning self defense in the process. Professor Marcelo is extremely knowledgeable, approachable, and teaches in an easy to understand manner. I have not met a single person here that has not been extremely friendly and willing to help me learn more. 

Ryan Brown



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What is Adult Beginners Program?

The Adult Jiu-Jitsu beginner program has an extremely welcoming environment. Our goal is to help our beginner’s student to build a strong foundation, learning the basics of Jiu-Jitsu in a safe and fun environment.

Our program will teach you all the basics:

  • positions
  • techniques
  • submissions 
  • escapes…

The self-defense in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has techniques that could literally save your life during a real-life situation.

How does Adult Beginner Program help me?

This program was designed by Professor Marcelo Ribeiro a 4th Degree Black Belt. Professor Ribeiro studies and teaches Gracie Jiu-Jitsu for over 25 years. The key to learning Jiu-Jitsu is repetition. The first step is learning small sets of information. Frequent practice is essential if efficiency is to be gained in the beginner’s class. Your body will tell you your limits and we will always respect that. The beginners class will be your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu foundation, helping you build a strong base to your future. It will help you to develop confidence and learn self-defense. Will also improve your fitness, coordination, strength and balance.


We are located in between Nolensville and Brentwood, right here in your backyard!! Right off Nolensville Pike!